BMP - The Bitcoin Mining Parliament
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ClosedWhich is more important?0.0000000%No02020-11-02663880
ClosedDo you support the new coinbase rule that redirects 8% of mining rewards to a specific address?0.0000172%24 TH/sNo22020-08-18656983
ClosedWhich block window do you prefer for the BMP?0.0000125%16 TH/sNo12020-08-03648765
ClosedWhich one is the real Bitcoin, Bitcoin or BCH?0.0000110%12 TH/sNo22020-07-02644197
ClosedDo you like big blocks?0.0000084%6 TH/sNo12019-08-10599225
ClosedTime between blocks?0.0000303%21 TH/sNo12019-06-28595055
ClosedBitcoin Cash color?0.0000303%21 TH/sNo12019-06-28595053
ClosedBMP is the decision-making process we need?0.0000303%21 TH/sNo12019-06-28595050

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